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What is Inverse Control Design

Modern process lines are created in several stages. A preliminary concept of the control system is developed as early as at the design stage. The concept is based on design assumptions and process requirements, and includes selection of measurement signals and location of sensors, selection of the structure and type of control algorithms used, as well as selection and location of actuators to influence the course of the process. Out of necessity, it also takes into account budgetary constraints. Then, for the developed concept of the control system, the hardware configuration is selected and the control software is developed. The last stage is construction of the process line, completed with a start-up of the control system and work in the technological regime. Such a sequence is natural, but it entails inevitable limitations from the point of view of optimal operation of the control system. The concept of the control system, developed at the stage of the process line design, does not always correspond to the current process requirements, during the implementation of the investment project significant changes were made to the process line, which were not reflected in changes to the control system concept, and at the stage of commissioning of the process line there are often significant delays, which make it necessary to limit the time allocated for commissioning of the control system so as to close the entire investment project on time and commission the technological line on time. Consequently, the performance of the finished control system falls short of expectations.

It is worth noting that the stages of implementation of the ICD method differ in the scope and scale of the modifications made, starting from stage 1, which does not require any interference in the current control system. The established sequence of stages enables flexible adjustment of the offer to the needs and current capabilities of the client. Completion of work at any of the stages makes it possible to start work on subsequent stages at any convenient time. The entire work carried out according to the ICD method can be performed according to any selected time schedule. In particular, the modifications made at any of the stages, from stage 2 to stage 4, can be coordinated with planned technical outages so as not to disrupt the normal production cycle.